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Ch.1 : Forgotten Introduction

“Woah woah, why is the topic named like something out of a Comic/Manga?” would you ask. Nothing personal, more like a neat attention grabber.

So, anyways… Hello ‘^’, do I really need to do this? Nope, but it is fun on it’s own rights, right guys? No…?

So, anybody have any hint to who I am ‘^’. Like y’know A bunny-lovin’ person that just Rawrs at people.

Well, that person is now back! Hope some of you still remembers! (Never went to the forums actually… So, probably hardly anyone knows me)

P.S. I never ever made a topic, and it feels kinda weird to chat to myself in this context, please send help. ‘^’

Be honest. Did you write this while on drugs?

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…welcome lol

Poolie, probably yes? I dunno. do people even remember when they’re on drugs?
Belugie, Questions of the confused mind are we? UwU
and lastly, Nagato, thankies <3 ‘^’~ Rawr~ Imma bunny!

Since when does a bunny rawr?

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Btw those uwu’s are gonna probably get you crucified.

Time to do some cleansing

After seeing this im down for a crusade anybody wanna join me?

Those UwU’s tho, really creep me out :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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aw yeahhhh lets bring out the cross

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OwO wats dis?
Oh my, i guess the story went a little bit further in the rabbit hole more than i expected.
Now i shall UwU myself outta here.

Please release Chapter 2!!!