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Beta Suggesions For Pikacore

Hello Everyone
first of all i would like to point out that you guys don’t even have a pikacore category on your forums this shows that how much work is pending on the server we are struggling to play on, now as a old server member i am posting this thread on behalf of the most active or you can say only players that play pikacore
here are some suggestion

1. Simple Shops
Reason : so that people can sell their own stuff to others by creating player chestshops and earn some money

2. Helper rank apps
Reason : since you all are inactive and only we see @Renellin in days at pikacore she cant do everything alone you should get helper applications available and give other players a chance to prove themselves worthy and while u are at hiring new staff make sure they are active and are from different timezones , i would also suggest you guyz to get global staff ranks so they can help on different servers too not limited to only 1 server

3.Jails / anti xray
Reason : make sure to get an anti xray plugins and jail for the xrayers since i see tunnels in different mines and stuff directly going to resources

4. make pickup ability normal again
Reason : since pickup ability is hard and time consuming even tho its really hard to level up a pokemon with pickup to 81+ level not everyone does that + it has only has 1% chance for tier 3 drops so it shouldn’t be nerfed at the first place

5. second way for earning money other than Votes
Reason : the ranking system is broken the time is passed so easily but we dont get money for the rankup since money is like 10x the time required for level up and only way to earn money is vote so its like 60-70coins per day you should add like hunt rewards, sell stuff at shop or jobs anything

6. add 5 pokeballs to the starter kit
Reason : add some pokeballs in the starter kit so the player has something to catch their first pokemon

7. better vote crate rewards
Reason : the current rewards are almost sh*t, no one wants to vote for apples

8. fix meltan spawning
Reason : well when i joined the server meltan used to spawn and after a while they stopped spawning and there is also a mod officialy at the pixelmon reforged website called “meltan fixer” they are aware of that bug and might fix that in future update but till then they made a side mod you should go check it out also meltan is the only way to get ditto since normally ditto doesn’t spawn and ditto is a very useful pokemon in terms of breeding and breeding is a basic part of and pixelmon server no one would play a ditto less server

9. Add all Biomes in both ultraspace and overworld
Reason : since we are actually playing pixelmon and people want to catch all the possible pokemons that spawns in different types of biome and which part of hardcore means that u cant have all the biome in the game

10. at the very end if you cannot do anything shut down the server sedexcraft , sedexpvp , pikacore and reset pikadex.
Reason : there is no point playing pixelmon with hardcore, pixelmon is meant for battling and making pokes and the hardcore stuff just makes it so hard for people to do that and they eventually get fed up and leave the server thats why u can see the player base you guyz have at pikacore you guyz can be the no1 pixelmon server if u work on 1 server instead of 4-5 no one even plays on those server they are just taking up space u can use that space in making a better buffy server with a much larger border more pc pages etc

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i would have never gone to pikacore if u guyz would have resetted the pikadex and this is not only me all the players at pikacore says the same

sincerely, Legeoner , Dreamtyt , SilverAce , LeafMC , EndyBoi , David664 , Hauksirod

Admins should rly check this

I will address some of these points, and let the Pikacore admins do the rest.

This just will not do. Up until a few years ago, people were allowed to apply for staff positions. You can check out the archives yourself, but trust me when I say that it is not pretty.
Other thing to note is that we have always been against introducing a new staff rank. Moderators play the roles of helpers, and players can contribute as well.
Rather than letting players apply for a new rank, we shall promote more moderators instead.

This was discusses a few hours ago. Here is the conclusion:

SedexPvP is already closed. That is how Pikacore came to be. While it may not seem like that to you, SedexCraft does in fact have a small but steady number of players. There is absolutely no reason to close it as of right now. SedexPvP on the other hand never had a steady amount of players, which is one of the reasons for its closure.
Creative will also stay for now.

On another note, I would like to ask you why are you even suggesting all these things, if your final suggestion is to close Pikacore?

I would agree that there ought to be a Pikacore section here. However, the forums are arguably barely getting any traffic, as most of it goes to Discord instead. This also makes us, the staff, put a lot more attention into Discord, instead of the forums.

we have no moderators on pikacore

we don’t want to buy anything , we want to sell stuff , even if it was super cheap , just to insure a second way to gain money other than vote! we never said we want to buy stuff , we need economy in the server , we have none.

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final suggestion was , either fix it or drop it, why start a project u give 0 care or effort on?


hope he gets it this time

i never talked about the modertaor rank but a new rank “helper” that helps out other new players or staff when neceassary since i saw alot of newbies coming into the server asking for basic stuff like whats the spawnrate of ditto ha chance if there is nether or end in the server and no one even replies them i can post some imgs of a similar incident happened just today in pikadex a newbie was asking if all the starter are shiny and noone cared to reply cuz its not their “JOB” if u gave helper rank that has only 1 special perm like jail,mute either of them they will be motivated to help other instead of minding their own buisness cuz normal players wont get anything in return but a helper may get a promotion someday and this might also solve the staff problem u guyz are facing right now

Stein’s response shows how little this project is cared for. Going into the part where we “have” moderators on the server is just disappointing. Many of the names listed on this page would be willing to step in and take these positions, as we all have experience, and serve as a large majority of the player base anyways (basically all of it since most of the rest just quit right away and go back to dex, which is a whole different issue). The response to shops was about something entirely different than what we proposed. The main issue ties into no moneymaking method. We don’t need to be able to sell to players, just to the server in order to have some way of functioning. Imagine having to go to a state capital, and vote that your state is the best, just to be paid. That’s essentially what this is on core atm.

All and all, the suggestion of closing down the server was due to the utter lack of effort that has gone in, and the lack of consideration for what the player base wanted. People were tired of dex and wanted a reset, and wanted it to be somewhat more challenging. Instead what we got, was a hardcore server, with like 10 biomes, no money making method other than voting, no moderation since the few pikacore admins are basically never on, or are solely on Pikadex, usually invis or afk as well, so we have no easy way to track them, which ultimately isn’t fair to them, and you’d think they realize they are far understaffed for this project. We got a cool spawn arena which is great and all, but the project was so uncared for, that you couldn’t even send out pokes in it, and the players had to construct their own arena, which still gets used more than the spawn arena, due to the players making something happen.

Any one of the admins can feel free to message any of the listed names on discord, and we can either propose our ideas in further depth, or we’d be willing to be a part of a moderation team in order to keep pikacore alive.

(I’m not sure how most servers handle moderators, but most of us would not want to be paid, we just want to play pixelmon on a server that is somewhat catered to the players).

Thank you for reading this, our discord tags are the following:

Leaf: Leaf / Audrey#9872
Endy: Endy Boi!#3965
Legeoner: Legeoner#7130
Dream: Dreamt#7237
Silver: Silver#9305


I was originally not going to reply because I have nothing to do with Pikacore, or Pikadex in that matter but I really agree with the staff and forum related suggestions.

I really don’t see why the server was even started if the staff gives zero fucks about it and it isn’t being monitored. And it’s always been like this on the other servers as well, not trying to shade anyone but you guys should have waited and planned this better rather than making a new pixelmon server because the other one was getting more players over the summer.

Eaither start working on it or close it, simple as that.


I second this. Players within the Pikacore community do buy and sell things on a limited scope. It would just make trading better for the players, and that way you wouldn’t have to implement any shops into the server and keep the economy well controlled since the only way we earn currency (which we save up to rank up, therefore removing money from circulation) is by voting.

We never asked for shops in spawn to sell us new things, but we just want a few more ways to earn money besides voting and the ability to sell things to other players without worrying if they were going to run off with our money or items.

Edit: added a bit of clarification

To clarify, I wanted to say that we are against introducing Helper rank.
Instead, we’d rather promote more moderators.

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New moderators is a good idea , but we need new moderators that are active IN Pikacore

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Thank you for your suggestions.
First, yes we are missing Pikacore category here and PVP category needs to be removed. Unfortunately, Gershon needs to fix this, because I don’t have the permissions to do it. Now, let me address your suggestions.

  1. Player shops

Since this is a hardcore server, you must choose who you can trust. And, trade and sell based on trust.

  1. Helper rank apps

I am always assessing players to promote ingame. And yes, I consider his/her active playtime. Staff aren’t limited to 1 server. Rather they are limited since they don’t play on more than one server, let alone one server, and are inactive. For example, I play on all servers, and I am active admin on all servers.

  1. Anti-xray

If you witness suspicious mining behavior you should report him/her by sending your evidence to Renellin or muhammad421.

  1. Pickup ability

It is common for players to get full inventory of items simply from using pickup. This is a hardcore server with less chance to obtain items from farming pickup, so you must work for your items. Hardcore means you must train and/or obtain decent pokemon to battle bosses for some items.

  1. Earning money

The money earning time is currently balancing out the low playtime requirement. And, as it is players are already at the 4th out of 6 ranks within a month. Simply put, inflating money will require inflating rankup money and/or adjusting rankup to balance out the inflation.

  1. Pokeballs in starter kit

This is done.

  1. better vote crate rewards

Vote crate was already updated with suggestions provided by Stormfront and other active players.

  1. fix meltan spawning

The fixer has always been installed since its release.

  1. Add all Biomes in both ultraspace and overworld

This is meant to be hardcore survival worlds without safari biomes world. Safari biomes world is part of Pikadex.

  1. at the very end if you cannot do anything shut down the server sedexcraft , sedexpvp , pikacore and reset pikadex.

From reading this, I don’t see any point. So let me explain as simply as I can. Pikadex was experiencing lag spikes due to bot spammers attacking our lobby. To save us from the lag, Gershon stopped paying for Sedexpvp server and spent more money for new server to host the lobby and add Pikacore. Pikacore was added as a smaller server for the benefit of different pixelmon gamemode, to be totally different experience than Pikadex. What you might be saying, although your point isn’t clear, is that you want Pikadex mode with scam monitoring, pickup item hording, pokeballs from kits, inflated money, safari biomes, vote crates with masterballs, larger server, etc. To which I would recommend you play on Pikadex. Or you are simply saying “there is no point playing” to which I would sadly say goodbye, since I know I can’t make players stay if they don’t want to.