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[color=#333333][color=green]Just kidding[/color][/color]

[color=#333333]*[/color][color=#3333ff]You must of have played atleast 7 days on SedexCraft[/color]

[color=#3333ff]SedexCraft Username[/color][color=#ff3333]:[/color][color=#33cc33]3vilArt_[/color]

[color=#3333ff]Why do you wish to become Squire (110 Characters / 20 words minimum): [/color][color=#33cc33]Anyway i would like to become Squire because this way i can get around easier and player will notice me and want to start talk to me, other than that i want to look what kind of world is for Squire+. I want to talk about on how i joined this server, the story begin when i joined Pikadex and Gershon burned my house then he… CONTINUED and … why are you still reading.[/color]

[color=#3333ff]Did you read the SedexCraft rules:[/color][color=#33cc33] There is a rule?! just kidding i did.[/color]

[color=#3333ff]Are you willing to comply with the SedexCraft rules: [/color][color=#33cc33]Yes as long Jesse obey me.[/color]

[color=#3333ff]Do you understand that if you break the rules of SedexCraft you will be punished: [/color][color=#33cc33]I don’t , just kidding i do.[/color]

[color=#3333ff]How did you find SedexCraft: From my slave Jesse[/color]

[color=#3333ff]Where are you from (Country): Hey i don’t wanna now there is creepy stalker out there tracking me.[/color]

Just kidding

Why you do dis to me


Lol, Gershon the best xD
By the way, who said that you won’t get attention if you’re peasant/villien?
Anyways, good luck!

If no-one said it yet,i’m going to say it now.
I created at least 5 accounts,as a peasent,and on every one of them,I spammed a lot,and everyone ignored me.Ofcourse until I revealed i’m a mod.



Lol Edo, I did it once, just because I worked on something important with raigeki so I couldn’t type or pay attention on anyone, so I couldn’t answer on anyone else’s answer, doesn’t matter who asked…
I’ve never ignored peasant / villien if I’m not busy, I always help them with commands, how they can go to creative, how do they can join Pikadex (because they often come on SedexCraft and they think it’s Pikadex), anyways, I like helping and talking to anyone, doesn’t matter if he/she’s peasant or king, ranks aren’t the thing who makes players more important than ones who don’t have better rank…
About the others, yeah, they probably ignore players who have worse rank then them, so as l3 said, ranks are helpful to get more attention, even if it’s not fair for others who doesn’t have the ranks…

Pretty sure multiple accounts aren’t allowed but… I guess if you’re mod, you can do whatever.

Everyone has multiple accounts, but it becomes a problem when someone’s ban evading.