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BAnned for using xray when i wasnt

Minecraft Name:

Date Banned: 28-8-20

Person you were banned by, if known: Mike_vtb

Do you know why you were banned? If so please explain: It said i was banned due ti x-ray when i wasn’t, i had been mining since morning and no x-ray. That’s why i had a lot of diamonds, i did nothing but mine near border that day

Were you given a warning before being banned (yes/no): no

Apology/ Reason why you should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because i wasn’t doing anything bad. I was not x-raying.

Error my ban wasnt based on how much diamonds you had in your inventory.I inspected you for about half an hour and you dug straight to diamonds.I dont think you were that lucky.Also i got recordings in case you want me to prove it.

Look, I was not x-raying but was near border, anyway even if it was suspicious, can the time of ban be a little lesser than 20 days, say for like a week perhaps. And if you think i was xraying i am ready to trash all my diamonds, which is probably 6-8 stacks, which if i sell is maybe 4k, I am ready to trash it to prove my innocence. Please consider the time suggestion.

Ill post a video recording Error and ill notice other staff members to watch the video and tell their opinions about it.Maybe i am wrong but i dont think so.Click on the link to watch it and make sure to watch the whole video —> https://drive.google.com/file/d/16MIZOBTiClslAUez50xeOwUk3WJINEbr/view?usp=sharing

Xray is against the rules in Pikadex therefore bannable. Also you should not reply in this section if your not a staff member or directly involved in this situation as this is also against the rules.Thank you

Ok, i accept the ban. I am sorry, but i promise to not cheat/hack again and will abide by the rules.

Appeal accepted.Ban reduced to 7 days. Your ban ends at Thursday 10.


Thanks :slight_smile: