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Applying for Knight

Applying for Title Knight

Username Light_Man_King15

Reason- the Reason i want to become a Knight, i believe i can be something better if i were to go higher, than Squire, try to help around the players while ingame even if im’ not a Duke or higher, i still want to help the players with building,gathering or just getting to a better places, even if the Lands founded by Gershons.

[color=#333333]What were the contributions you have done as a Squire: i haven’t Donated yet to the sever but i will soon, i have given away some good Gold or iron, haven’t really been Giving Diamonds away yet barely finding them.[/color]

[color=#333333]Did you receive any mutes, bans, jails etc: no i dont PVP Much around Other players i just chat,hunt. or go mining.[/color]