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Appeal for Moderator

SedexCraft Username:Stiv_HD

Why do you wish to become a Moderator: I wish to become a moderator because I want to help people to resolve thier problem and to hel the new starter to get better at playing Minecraft and don/t to be scammed.

What were the contributions you have done as a Player:I helped so 20 people because i gaved them materials,food and a place in my old town in the old world we made a fortress and kept an eye open and i helped the new members of the server to have a good starts.

Did you receive any mutes, bans, jails etc:no I never get banned or muted or jailed

If you have why:-----------------------
And i play for 3 years on the server and I saw the Destroying of so many towns that was just horrible.

You cannot apply for staff, staff are chosen for their in game actions by admins.