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Allowed Mod List

If the mod isn’t on this list, it is not allowed.

Allowed mods:

  1. Pixelmon. Obvious reasons.

  2. Optifine. This mod is very helpful, as it improves frame rate and reduces lag. It also can be used to improve game quality. This mod does not give any advantages over other players.

  3. Shaders. This mod makes your game look amazing, and is purely just client side, giving no advantage.

  4. Damage indicators. This mod shows you the health of the entity or player you are pointing at, as well as showing the damage they receive. This mod gives no advantage over other players, it is simply informative.

  5. Armor/status effect HUD. These mods will show you armor durability as well as any status effects you have. It saves you the need to constantly open your inventory and gives no advantages over other players.

  6. Any mod that shows coordinates of your current position. This saves the need to press F3.

  7. Not enough items. Obviously not to spawn items, which you can’t do. Not enough items allows you to see crafting recipes, for those who may not know them all. Any other mod that shows crafting recipes is allowed, as long as it doesn’t do anything else.

  8. Although this isn’t a mod, PvP texture packs are allowed.

  9. Minimap mods without radar are allowed (Mapwriter for example). Any minimap with radar is not allowed.

  10. ChunkBorders. This mod allows you to see the border of chunks.

  11. World edit CUI. This will show the area you selected for worldedit. This is mainly for creative since this is the only server that players have worldedit on.

  12. Tabbychat. This mod changes the way chat is organized. Mods that have no effect on gameplay and just change the way your screen looks are generally acceptable.

  13. ChatLog. I highly recommend using this mod, as it is useful for reporting players. It is simply an easier way to keep chat logs, and these can be used for reports!

  14. Replay mod. This mod allows you to record gameplay without needing to upload videos. For now, we won’t accept these as video proof until we can setup a good way of checking the replays.

  15. 5zig mod.

  16. LabyMod. The toggle sneak that comes with it is allowed.

  17. Better sprinting or LabyMod’s toggle sneak. Note that the toggle sneak which allows you to sneak while chatting or opening an inventory is NOT allowed. If it’s called “Toggle sneak” and is not part of LabyMod, then it isn’t allowed.

  18. Schematica. Only certain features are allowed, and attempting to bypass this will be treated as a hacking ban (perm ban). Absolutely forbidden on creative.

  19. Tasty cannoning utilities. This gives a visual indicator to help see how your cannons will work, without giving any advantages besides extra information.