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About some rules

Okay so i wanted to clear something out… People who know me on the server , know that im a griefer/raider type of person. And what i usaully do is kill ppl , however on the server with this amount of players is really hard to find someone in the wild just by flying with elytra or riding a horse doesnt matter , its really hard to find 8-14 ppl on 20k x 20k map so what i do is tp kill in the past years i did do a lot of hole tp kills but i realized thats not so fun and entertaining so i stopped doing it but… the rule where u cant trap ppl is just absolutely retarded (Sorry for my language i had to) Bcs think about it this way… when u send someone a /tpa or /tpahere… its their choice will they type /tpyes or /tpdeny. So the rule that says ‘’ If a player has no realistic way to fight back then its punishable’’ is just retarded bcs thats their own will that they tped i didnt force them to do it maybe i tricked them but doesnt matter its still THEM who typed /tpyes i cant type /tphere or /tp. Im saying it again its THEIR CHOICE , THEY are the ones who decide if they will tp or not… if they dont trust me then they should type /tpdeny but if they /tpyes i can do whatever i want bcs they did it. My opinion is that this rule should be removed again /Tpdeny doesnt exist for no reason its to deny the request of someone trying to tp to you or tp you to him.

  • Id like to hear Staff’s opinion on this not just a ‘‘No it wont be removed’’. Thanks.
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Remove the rule and role back the server to the “trust is earned”?


Keep the rule in place and not get spammed by players complaining they’ve been killed?


I think its a stupid rule to be honest i mean i dont know the feeling when ppl complain to you bcs they are killed , but , you just make a post on the forum , that tp killing is allowed in anyway. I mean it should be its their choice that they accepted the tp request. If they complain tell them that they typed /tpyes on their own.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: myb?
-Btw they will still get killed , in a hole or not lol so they’ll complain no matter which way. So i think you should remove the rule , just sayin’.

To be completely honest, I would just change the rule and disallow teleport killing in a hole.
If the player willingly teleported to another player they face the consequences of their decision, it is not nobody’s fault but theirs.
Sadly as Stein said there are a lot of players that cry their eyes out for being “tricked”, but I would rather punish them and not the killer.

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Any solution to this yet? I think it should be removed id the player cries a river for being killed to staff punish him and send him a nice msg to check rules about tp killing. Easy enough.

Alright. The rule is lifted for now.

Players are to watch out for themselves.

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