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A sorry Appeal to my Mistake

Minecraft Name: KnightEvil
Date of Ban: Forgot (sorry)
Person u were banned by,if known: Stein

Do you know why were u banned: i really dont know the real reason of me to be banned but ofc there would be some kind of mistake i did in past i am really sorry for whtever i did and ofc Admins arn’t stupid they obviously banned me for a reason the only thing i know that i spammed the chat for asking Admins for stuff and i am really sorry for that pls give me 1 chance i wont let my sedex friends members and the staff down again (thank u for ur time hope u have a grate day)

Where u given warning before being banned (yes or no): yes i was given warning

Here’s just a short, but inexhaustive list of thing you’ve done up to this point:

  • Begging for items
  • Spamming the chat
  • Insulting everybody around you
  • Town border griefing
  • Cheating
  • Exploiting glitches
  • Ban evading

Not to mention that this is your third ban.

Appeal denied.
No further appeals in the near future will be accepted.