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A Short guide on all of the SedexCraft Bosses

Since I didn’t see a guide for just about anything here besides the Towny guide, I decided to create a guide for the SedexCraft Bosses in case any newbies wanted to immerse themselves into this beautiful server. Let’s get started.

  1. Skeleton Champion

HP: 200

Gear: Wears an Iron Helmet (unenchanted) and has an Iron Sword (unenchanted)

Tips: Literally the easiest “boss”, if you can even call it one. It spawns in the wild sometimes. You can easily circle around it, provided you be careful and if things go wrong, trap it in the water to slow it down.
You can also use the mcMMO taming skill to provide a wolf for you to distract the skeletons around the boss.

Minimum Gear: Iron Armor and an Iron Sword

  1. Karaszch

HP: 500

Gear: Spawns with random gear.

Attacks: Shoots a little ball of magic at you every so often, can call upon a tiny storm that occupies space in the arena you fight him in. Stepping inside of the magic storm does 1 damage every second and a half and it PIERCES ARMOR. It disperses after a while.

Worthy Notes: He can pierce armor with his storm and his loot can contain wands/soul shards. Kill him as much as possible.

Tips: Grab a shield to block his attacks and bring a MyPet for an easy resistance/regeneration/strength buff.
He technically counts as an undead mob, so the Smite enchantment would be useful here.
If he spawns the storm of magic on top of you, run away as fast as possible, because it will kill you extremely fast. You could also consider using a bow/wand to run around in circles while shooting him, but be wary of the storms.

Minimum Gear: Iron Armor, Shield, Bow/Wand, Iron Sword with Sharpness and/or Smite.

  1. Necromancer

HP: 500

Gear: Spawns with random gear.

Attacks: Spawns a skeleton every 10 or so seconds, after hitting half of its HP, it will start shooting wither skulls 10 seconds after spawning a skeleton. (I believe)

Worthy notes: Has an invincibility timer triggered by hitting him. His skeletons also have the same timer as him. It is separate for every player/entity that attacks him. Please don’t fight him alone.
The area that you fight him in has goblins (they hit extremely hard, can drop an iron sword that has sharpness 6 and fire aspect 2 on it). Try not to aggro them, and deal with them accordingly if you do.
He spawns at his treasure room, so you can lure him out and then run past him to grab all the loot from his chests.

Tips: Don’t fight him alone. If you are planning to fight him alone, prepare for a long and grueling fight that really isn’t worth it in the end.
He counts as a zombie again, so you can bring a smite sword to wreck his hp whenever you can hit him.
The circling around him strategy works, but be wary when he drops below half health as he’ll start shooting wither skulls at you.
He makes a sound every time he spawns a skeleton/shoots wither skulls at you. Learn them.
You can literally just run past him and loot the chests where he is.
He’s not worth killing alone.

Recommended Gear: Alone-Diamond Armor, Enchanted Diamond Sword with at least Smite 5/Sharpness 5 or both

With a partner: Enchanted Iron Armor, Enchanted Iron Sword with Smite/Sharpness/both.

  1. Helpless Victim


  • Helpless Victim: 20
  • Horsemen: 15

Gear: The Helpless Victim himself has no gear, but the 4 horsemen (they don’t actually ride horses anymore) of the apocalypse have Iron Armor with all protective enchantments 5 and have diamond weapons/bows with Sharpness enchantment of 5.

Attacks: Each of the Horsemen are special in their own way. The one with the hoe runs a lot more faster than the others, the one with the bow can instantly shoot a barrage of arrows at your direction (it can’t actually shoot arrows however) and more abilities.

Worthy notes: The Helpless Victim himself doesn’t drop the gear, the horsemen do.
The area that you fight them in has vexes and zombies, and is extremely dark, so other mobs can spawn. Kill those first.
They don’t actually spawn near him, they spawn on a pathway that leads up to him.

Tips: Kill the Helpless Victim and then run away as soon as he dies. Sometimes they’ll be dumb enough to trap themselves behind the tree or somewhere/lose aggro on you. From there on you can kill them one by one.
Don’t tank their shots. It’s easier to just deal with them one by one than to try to tank all of them at once.
They are slower than you because they are spawned in as zombies. This also means that you can use a Smite sword against them.
They can drop the gear they are using. I highly recommend farming them.
They also give $10 to whomever did the last shot on it. This also means that if it dies to bleeding/fire/fall damage/anything else you don’t get the money.

Recommended Gear: Enchanted Diamond Armor/Rider Armor, Enchanted Diamond Sword/Rider Weapons

  1. Davy Jones

I really don’t recommend doing this one. The drops aren’t worth it (I literally got 2 golden carrots and some flesh/rare weapon the last time I killed him) and he’s a massive pain to deal with in the first place with all of the pirates around him.

HP: 810

Gear: Davy Jones has a Diamond Sword that does a lot of damage (I haven’t gotten it as a drop yet) and a golden helmet.

Attacks: Has a sword that has a lot of knockback, can cast a slowness spell on you.

Worthy Notes: There are a ton of pirates that you have to kill before you get to him. This is the main reason why he isn’t worth killing.
There are “friendly” sailors that distract the pirates for you. Don’t attack them unless you want to lose that distraction.
The archer pirates run extremely fast when you get close to them.
They have a really fast respawn timer (30 seconds?) and there are a ton of them. Try not to attack them at all.

Tips: Rush up to his cabin and stay there. Do not ever leave it or you will find yourself being chased by 10 pirates.
The archer pirates count as skeleton mobs and the melee pirates are zombies. Use the taming mcMMO to your advantage.
He is slow and also counts as a zombie. Use that to your advantage

Recommended Gear: Prot 4 Diamond Armor, Sharpness + Smite 5 Sword (Rider Sword)

  1. Shrek

HP: 500

For someone this high up the list, you’d expect him to be a lot more harder. I’d say he’s actually easier than Karazsch.

Attacks: Can fart out a cloud of poison (regular) that also blinds you, can summon a bunch of baby zombies with 10 hp, and can summon lightning to strike you.

Worthy Notes: Spawns with two large slimes that have 30 HP, the water around himself has a bunch of hacking silverfish with as much reach as you, and the flowers around him can attack you. I’m not kidding on that one.
There is also a 30 hp vex in the mix as well.

Tips: Bring a MyPet with regen/resistance/strength to kill him faster.
He counts as a zombie, so you can bring smite to deal with him.
Don’t step into the water.

Recommended Gear: Iron Armor, Iron Sword with Sharpness/Smite + Sweeping Edge 3

That wraps it up. If you see any errors, feel free to correct them in this comment section and I’ll fix it. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy this server. Cheers.