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A kind Request for Unabnn

MineCraft Name: NightFury
Date Banned: Dont know
Person u were banned by, if known: CuteLittelCaithy,Ex0z1

Do u know why were u banned if so, pls explain: i was banned by a reason KnightEvill ( My brother) play my id which is ( NightFury) so i wanted to explain that it wasnt KnightEvil it was me playing my own id and in those days my brother wasnt at home for almost 2 weeks and how can he play my id when he isnt in home pls lift the bann thats all i had to explain i dont have more reason i was just regular and applied my brother’s skin i think thats why they banned me well idk but its a really kind req pls lift the bann i just wanted u guys to get confirmed that the person who was playing my id was me not my brother thank u for ur time

Was i given a warning before this : yes or no
no i wasnt given a warning for this before cuz it never happend to me its my first ban

No shut up